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Statement of Work (SoW)

Statement of Work (SoW) is an alternative to time and materials. It provides you with a single contract to cover defined timescales, service deliverables, project-specific activities, resource capability profile, MI and invoicing schedules.

  • Source talent without increasing your headcount
  • Traditional, temporary or contingent arrangements are billed based on time worked
  • Agreements are billed on a fixed price deliverable or for hitting specific milestones

The benefits include:

Cost savings
Improved efficiency and streamlined processes deliver significant cost savings and ROI.

Transparency and visibility
SoW provides a greater level of visibility and transparency into spend, helping to manage costs.

Compliance and control
Improved compliance mitigates risk and provides greater control over the workforce while an improved approvals process helps increase project success.

Flexible resource pool
Improved resourcing decisions means higher quality candidates and the ability to scale according to the demands of the project.

Access smarter and faster talent recruitment