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Recruiting good software developers is expensive, hard and keeps getting harder.

The resource models most likely to succeed against this backdrop are those that attract fresh talent into the industry.

We have taken the pioneering and proven resourcing models that leading software development houses use and found two easy ways to make them available to your business in 2018 - a managed service model and a client-own model.

Introducing the Harvey Nash Future Skills Programme

Work with us to recruit top talent for your team, including bright graduates and high-potential career changers.

Train them in the latest software development methodologies, giving them the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to thrive in the real world of software development.

Deploy them to your development teams on-site and full-time, adding value from day one.

Access ongoing training and support tailored to the needs of your business.

The benefits to your business

Improved diversity: Futures come from outside the traditional software developer talent pools, meaning more diverse teams.

Technical excellence: all Futures are put through an intensive 12-week training programme with The Corndel Software Engineering Academy.

Great value: whether using the managed service model or client-own model, you won’t get more developer for your money in the UK.

Talent creation: stop competing for experienced developers and start bringing genuinely new talent into the industry.

Low-risk: this expert partnership model means risk is shared, reducing both the likelihood and cost of failure. 

“To date, the options for businesses dealing with the tech talent shortage have been extremely limited. Companies are left trying to attract talent by paying higher salaries, bringing in high-cost temporary contractors or outsourcing to third-party vendors, none of which offer any sort of long-term solution to the problem. The Future Skills programme is a fast, cost-effective answer that benefits both employers and the workforce.”
Rebecca Roycroft, Director of Recruitment Solutions, Harvey Nash


To find more download the overview and email future-skills-programme@harveynash.com


Are you looking to change careers, return to work, or are you a graduate looking to start a great career? If a career in Software Development appeals to you email us at  FSPcareers@harveynash.com.  Please include your CV and some info around your interest in becoming a software developer.


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