Tech Leaders Leverage Apprenticeship Levy to Nurture Data Analytics Skills

October 11, 2018

From startups to multinationals, the UK tech sector has a lot to offer. However, skills shortages, especially in emerging disciplines is hindering its growth.

The competition for talent is on, particularly in the field of data analytics. While data skills grow in demand, supply of talent is increasingly outstripped with limited opportunities to onboard and develop individuals looking to move into the field.

This is further compounded as unlike other disciplines that are well served by universities there is currently limited provision for undergraduates to develop the data skills need for the workplace.

Meanwhile, the fallout from Brexit remains concerning. With a third of London tech professionals originating outside of the UK, the threat of a severe data analytics skill shortage is real.

Digital Native, a Birmingham-based data analytics learning and development provider, seek to tackle this threat, partnering with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions to show companies how to leverage the UK apprenticeship levy, and nurture homegrown talent in the UK’s data analytics sector.

Leveraging the Apprenticeship Levy: What is it?

Introduced in April 2017, the levy was established for employers with a pay bill over £3m. With the purpose of encouraging the creation of a coherent apprenticeship scheme, and in turn, more apprenticeships, the levy has been met with mixed responses.

While some have criticised the bureaucracy of the new system as off-putting, the Institute of Student Employment reports that businesses are using only 15% of the levy money available.

While some multinationals are taking steps to utilise the levy, companies are in need of guidance as to how best to use it to plug their own skills gaps.

Leveraging the Apprenticeship Levy: How Can It Be Used?

The apprenticeship levy offers businesses the opportunity to tailor the skills that they need from applicants.

Offering an opportunity for all ages, it can be used to train new recruits or experienced staff.

The nurse degree apprenticeship is a great example of using the levy to retain and retrain existing staff. And JP Morgan’s own “earn-as-you-learn” initiative provides new recruits with on-the-job training, alongside a university degree. Other multinationals, such as Mercedes-Benz, have created similar schemes.

Some enterprises have gone further, using the levy to enhance their senior leadership team by providing them with MBA training.

Investing in talent and training through the levy not only ensures skills gaps are met, it can enhance company culture by establishing long-lasting employee-employer relationships.

Digital Native: Tackling Data Analytics Skill Shortfalls

While data analytics training programmes are increasing, more apprenticeships in this field are required to meet the ever increasing tech demands of the UK.

Digital Native seek to contribute to the transformation of Britain’s data analytics industry. Training nationwide, this innovative company aims to help companies leverage the apprenticeship levy to reap maximum benefits.

In Partnership: Digital Native, Harvey Nash and the Future Skills Programme

Furthering these efforts, Digital Native has partnered with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions to deliver the global company’s Future Skills Programme.

The Future Skills Programme follows a four-step process:

  1. Recruit – from fresh graduates to experienced existing staff, Future Skills helps you attract and retain top talent.
  2. Train – powered by Digital Native’s training prowess, the programme offers companies and their recruits a range of data analytics training courses in SAP, Microsoft, Qlik and Hadoop.
  3. Deploy – once recruits have been expertly trained, they will be deployed to put these new skills into practice and benefit your company.  
  4. Develop – Future Skills provides ongoing training to apprentices adapted to the needs of the business.

Future Skills provides a remarkable opportunity to harness the UK’s apprenticeship levy, tackling the Britain’s growing data analytics skills demands head-on.

If you would like more information on these companies, or about the Future Skills Programme, please contact us at Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions.

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