Six benefits to outsourcing your entire recruitment process

October 25, 2018

With the country at near full employment and talent shortages apparent across multiple industries, particularly technology, the task of recruitment has become considerably more complex and difficult in recent years.

In a bid to meet tight project deadlines, simply getting people in can become the sole focus of those in charge of the hiring process. Unfortunately, this can lead to a variety of problems including overspending, high churn and a lack of oversight. 

With so many hurdles to quality talent acquisition, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that a growing number of hiring managers and HR professionals are outsourcing the task to dedicated recruitment partners to simplify and improve their situation.

Demonstrating this shift, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Report 2017 forecasts that RPOs will grow by 17.66%  between 2017-2021.

So with this in mind, is outsourcing your recruitment process on your agenda?  To answer this question, Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions have pulled together the top six benefits to outsourcing your entire recruitment process…

1. Talent Attraction

A strong employer brand and EVP, while important, is not enough in the battle for talent. You need to be focused on your target market with the bespoke and unique message you have to offer.  Just as important is the delivery mechanism. Identifying the best way to get this message to them, in a way that will make talent notice?

Understanding what motivates your team and prospective candidates and building this into the fabric and culture of the organisation will provide the consistency to not only attract but also retain talent critical to the business.

Your partner can work with you to shape, define and develop your key messaging and push it through the most appropriate channels to maximise engagement.

2. Cost Saving

Outsourcing can offer a concrete solution to the financial challenges faced during the traditional recruitment process.

Recruitment Managed Services (RMS), including MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and RPOs (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), can help keep costs down. The ability to leverage spend with a single supplier can provide direct cost savings on agency spend.

And indirect cost savings are derived from the efficiency of an MSP or RPO which centralises procedures and provides applications as a sole supplier. This reduces complexity and puts precious time back into the hands of your team.

3. Governance and Control – compliance, de-risk, litigious nature of contract

In today’s complex recruitment market, it’s not unusual for an organisation to work with multiple vendors. We’ve encountered businesses with as many as 30 suppliers, collectively delivering hundreds of contractors, all at massively different margins, different rates and different risk levels.

Not only is this an administrative nightmare for clients, but it significantly reduces their governance and control over the hiring process.

In working with a dedicated recruitment partner, all hires go through a tried and tested, methodical process that reflects the commercial paradigm and the approved supply checklist, governance and control are restored and risk is limited.

Moreover, as the exercise is conducted through a single point of escalation, the client has greater clarity over the operation. 

4. Candidate experience

We all know it’s a small world and people talk. Ensuring a positive candidate experience is essential, not just to the direct hire but for future recruitment initiatives also. A 2018 survey found that 69% of UK candidates would share their negative experience with others. While 47% of respondents claimed the negative experience of a friend would make them less likely to buy a product or service.

Key to creating a positive candidate experience are speed, personalisation and alignment with the organisation. Outsourcing your recruitment process to the right partner can provide you with the capacity and capability to ensure:

  • Timely and transparent communication with candidates
  • A strong technical and cultural fit
  • Reduced time to hire 

5. Delivery – people achieve business outcomes

The ultimate goal of any recruitment initiative is to find the best people to achieve your business objectives. Working with a partner who is an industry specialist should increase your candidate reach – not limit it!

As leaders in tech recruitment we have a vast network of highly skilled candidates from which we can draw. Access to such a wide pool of talent is critical, particularly for organisations aspiring to achieve greater diversity and inclusion.

Find out more about Harvey Nash’s Inclusion 360 movement

6. Data and Management information – better decision making

Utilising applicant tracking software (ATS), can provide more insight into recruitment and employee performance metrics. HR now has access to masses of data, and this can significantly enhance decision making and benefit all aspects of workforce management.  Your recruitment partner can provide constant reporting and management information, feeding this information into your business with industry insight and analysis to enhance your strategic decision making.

As expert recruiters we can gather and analyse such information to identify the skills and attributes of high performing candidates that are most aligned to your organisation, cutting time to hire and increasing employee retention in the process. 

If your organisation wants expert outsourcing assistance to build and manage its workforce, please contact us for more information.

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