Running an MSP with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions

April 11, 2018

What happens when Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions runs an MSP with you? What can you expect? What’s included and how exactly will it work?  

This article guides you through every element of the service, covering:

  • The service in brief
  • Your service delivery team

We’ll then dive into the service system and its components:

  • Supporting software
  • Attracting candidates
  • Supplier Management
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Handling Payroll
  • Candidate Management
  • Ongoing improvements

Let’s start with an overview.

The service in brief

The Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions MSP framework is a ‘single engagement, multi-sourced model’. That means that you enjoy a single contract, commercial, invoicing and governance structure whilst receiving the benefits of a multi-channel delivery model.

Harvey Nash takes a ‘Glocal’ approach to service delivery. You enjoy the benefit of engaging with a UK plc with a global reach, executed by local Account Managers.

How the service is delivered

The service is based on a well-proven approach and individually tailored to meet your particular requirements.

We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions because we know from experience that imposing a standardised framework on to a unique business results in people choosing their own pathways.

It is designed to achieve key objectives such as a single process for contingent workers, end-to-end contractor management, real-time MI, and demonstrable cost savings and efficiencies.

The service has two main elements: the service platform, which consists of the people (the service delivery team) and the tech systems (such as your ATS and timesheet software) required to deliver the service. There are also a number of service components which detail the  activities of the service itself.

Let’s begin with your service delivery team.

Your service delivery team

Your service delivery team’s knowledge of people, culture and requirements is fundamental to delivery. The team will work closely with you and your stakeholders to understand your business goals and continue to adopt innovative ways to source your contract positions.

Your service delivery team will:

  • Develop relationships across the organisation to build a true understanding of requirements.
  • Facilitate all activity relating to identification, selection and placement of candidates.
  • Coordinate the recruitment process with stakeholders and via the tech systems
  • Resolve operational issues.
  • Transition suppliers and build PSLs.
  • Act as the interface between you and third party suppliers, and administer the process and workflows associated with supplier activity.
  • Drive the selection process including activities and process workflows.
  • Manage the offer, onboarding and off-boarding processes.
  • Assist the implementation team.
  • Administration and reporting, governance reviews.

When working with an external team this closely, you need to be sure they are the right people for you.

One client commented that they, “picked Harvey Nash because of the people. They have been working with us for a long time. They are incredibly people focused, they are incredibly service focused. They mean what they say and they deliver great results.”

The best supporting software for you

The second part of the Service Platform is the systems. Harvey Nash has experience in using a number of applicant tracking tools (ATS) and vendor management systems (VMS) that automate recruitment workflows and provide detailed reporting.  

Our mission here is to recommend the best software for your recruitment needs. We also ensure any tool implemented is understood in detail so its full capabilities are utilised and leveraged.

We have extensive knowledge of this crowded marketplace and regularly revisit supplier offerings to ensure our recommendation to you is the most appropriate.

Attracting your candidates

At Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, we utilise a range of innovative sourcing techniques and resources from across our group to provide a 24 hour ‘follow-the-sun’ candidate sourcing capability.

By using our resourcing centres in Vietnam and Poland we can map the candidate marketplace against your role families. Then we will use the agreed branding to market your opportunities and build pro-active candidate pools for the Harvey Nash UK consultants to assess and short list.

Managing Suppliers

We believe in partnering with specialist suppliers to secure our clients the best talent possible.

The supplier management component of our service involves the selection, enhancement and performance management of a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) that is capable of delivering against your requirements.

We’ll build and manage the preferred panel of third party suppliers based on yours and our experience and the need to fulfil particular roles.

Our objectives are to ensure we are working with the best suppliers and to create a positively engaged, incentivised supplier base. We’ll also standardise processes and operating procedures, establish standard margin policies and put standard contracts in place.

Audits, contracts, and documents – ensuring you are compliant

As your MSP partner, we take care of the key components of contractor management. The service includes:

Contractor audits

The objective of a contractor audit is to baseline your current contractor population. Our PRINCE2 qualified team works with your business to explore and document who is working with you.

The audit will highlight risks and possible areas for improvement, such as onboarding processes, compliance, spend and contractor engagement. The output is a detailed report that enables visibility and action-planning to resolve areas of non-compliance and risk.


These days, increasingly complex legislation can directly affect your ability to do business. We make sure that every temporary or contingent worker you engage via Harvey Nash is compliant with current legislation and conforms to expected tax requirements. We will also take responsibility for the contractual relationships with the contractor.

Document management

Our market-leading tools and processes mean we manage, collate and store the myriad legal documentation required in a safe and effective way. We’ll use  the tech systems to provide electronic contracts for you. We also proved candidate referencing, background and qualification checks as required.


Payrolling contingent staff can be time-consuming and costly, and complicated by challenging local legislation. We deliver effective payroll and billing services to the world’s leading organisations. Time keeping, payments and billing are fully automated and in almost every case, the process can be configured to suit your internal arrangement. We can provide excellent financial data that allows you visibility and control of your contractor costs.

Managing your candidates

Candidate management is a vital component of our service. From handshakes to start dates and from onboarding to off-boarding for contractors, we make sure your candidates are engaged.

The management of the interview process is particularly important. A recent survey produced these stats highlighting just how central an excellent candidate experience is to retention and employer branding.

It is no longer the case that larger corporate organisations are beating smaller brands to the best talent. It is the businesses with the most agile recruitment processes who are winning the war on talent. Managing the candidates through the recruitment pathway so they have a brilliant experience is a critical success factor in any MSP.

Improving the service – workflow management, reporting and governance

Workflow management

Agile recruitment processes help brands, no matter what size, attract and retain great talent. Our workflow management process covers all elements of evaluating and processing candidates through a structured framework. It starts with the approval to hire a resource and ends when the candidate signs a contract for services.

Reporting and improvements

With multiple roles at any one time, it is important for you to know status of all candidates at a glance.

Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions provides weekly, monthly and quarterly reports outlining the current status of requirements, and a comprehensive overview of the current service and issues arising.

With at-a-glance data summaries available via embedded executive dashboards, you can easily analyse your recruiting data to make better-informed decisions.

Continually driving improvement

Our team continually monitors the service to seek opportunities for improvement. Small changes that have no impact on the costs of service delivery will be implemented immediately. More fundamental changes will be proposed to you for formal review.

To find out more about running an RMS with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, contact us today.


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