How the MSP improves candidate engagement and attraction

November 14, 2018

With digital transformation on everyone’s agenda, talent is in short supply. You’re brushing elbows with competitors no matter which industry you’re in, as organisations the world over look for similar skills to deliver digital business outcomes. To stand a chance in this crowded marketplace, candidates must enjoy your recruitment experience whether they’re successfully placed or not.

In our previous article we explored the benefits of the Harvey Nash MSP, a single-engagement, multi-sourced model that brings scale, value and flexibility to the recruitment process. It’s designed to access the best talent in the market and it also helps you improve candidate engagement and attraction.

Here are seven ways the MSP boosts your employer brand appeal.

MSPs go straight to the top

Now you’re instructing a provider to represent your business in the candidate marketplace, there are conversations that need to be had at the most senior level of your organisation. Questions need to be asked about values, positioning and growth plans that senior stakeholders are best placed to answer. 

Putting recruitment on the top dogs’ agenda means leadership buy-in and sponsorship, commitment and consistency. Holes in the process, misaligned propositions and false employment promises are ironed out as senior managers reflect on the company’s employer brand.

There’s no point in portraying an external employer brand which doesn’t reflect the internal workings of your business. Candidates will spot a lack of authenticity in the interview process or soon will once they’re onboard.

With sponsorship from the top guiding and confirming the process, your candidates experience consistency, authenticity and transparency. And your delivery team can soundly pitch your business, culture, roles and opportunities with confidence.

MSPs look under every stone

An MSP seeks out the honest truth about working at your organisation. It drives to understand why your current team works well together and what skills it needs.

This honest appraisal of the good, the bad and the ugly is not about exposing your faults. Its purpose is to ensure only best-fit candidates are approached, realistic expectations are set and hires stay put because your business matches the picture painted throughout the recruitment process.

MSPs deliver potent brand toolkits

Striking video adverts, dedicated recruitment microsites, engaging social campaigns, job postings that appeal and brand positioning that’s en pointe. An MSP gives you a generously-filled library of marketing assets and uses them across the digital landscape.

Your candidates see a consistent, high-quality brand that tells them what they need to know in a way that appeals to them. Your brand is accessible, appealing and effortless to engage.

MSPs meet your candidates on their turf and on their terms

An experienced recruitment team will understand the talent pools you need to connect with and the channels through which to do it. They’ll already be deeply embedded with relevant communities, already talking to talent at all levels of seniority. 

With connections like this, recruiters aren’t strangers, interrupting unknown candidates with random job offers. Recruiters are trusted career consultants inviting the best talent to your table.

MSPs are integrated

With an onsite service delivery team on your premises, your business has a dedicated team of people who your candidates can trust. They will advise and support candidates throughout the process, ensuring their experience is always top-notch while getting to know their skills, background and experience.

This means honest, expert opinion for you andthe candidate. Whether you recruit them or not, they’ll find the process valuable and enjoyable. It also takes the pressure off the hiring manager. Once they’ve spotted a top candidate, they can trust the MSP partner to ensure that person is well looked after and supported every step of the way.

MSPs reduce time to hire

According to Glassdoor, the average time to hire is 27.5 days. Too long in the competitive tech talent marketplace where agility, speed and rigor in your recruitment process are needed to mark you out as a top employer.

The dedicated resource of an MSP is underpinned by effective process management, drastically reducing time to hire. Candidates know their situation one way or another quickly and feel considered throughout.

MSPs are underpinned by powerful technology

Robust technology serves up in-depth reporting, management information, audit trails, and truly measurable KPIs. It highlights clear areas of success and areas for continuous service improvement. It’s a single version of the truth with no cracks in the process.

For your candidates, the right information is always to hand. Your delivery team can tell them the latest status with ease. It means surveys for feedback and intuitive on-boarding processes. It’s yet another triumph in the excellent-employer-stakes.

If you’re chomping at the bit to improve your candidate experience and outshine the competition, an MSP sends you racing out of the starting blocks.

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