How a MSP can Support Diversity and Inclusion

July 4, 2018

78% of businesses consider diversity and inclusion to be very or extremely important.

Predicted to be a 2018 trend according to LinkedIn’s global recruitment trends report, hiring managers are increasingly focused on delivering D&I through strategic hiring processes.

Hawkeyes on the talent pool means the competition is heating up. And in the tech space, that pool is already small.

A managed service provider (MSP) can help organisations support diversity and inclusion. Throughout attraction, selection, on-boarding and beyond, an MSP can remove the burden of additional administration and unconscious bias while helping to realise the strategic vision of inclusive recruitment plans.

Here are the specific D&I benefits this service can bring.


Central to your recruitment strategy are your motivations for hiring diverse talent.  Who you want to engage and why will determine the attraction and selection processes you’ll employ.

For 71% of those LinkedIn survey respondents, gender diversity is the driver. Race and ethnicity is the next most pressing, followed shortly by age.

You’ll also be considering what these employees will come into. Those hired on the promise of an inclusive culture will quickly leave if that’s not the reality. A poor hire at mid-manager level with a salary of £42,000 can end up costing a business over £132,000.

It’s important to be realistic about your culture and the shift in behaviours or environment needed to attain your goals. You’ll need to prepare the ground.

How an MSP can help

An MSP can conduct research in the marketplace, giving you a neutral and multidimensional view of your workplace. Armed with this, you’ll have an accurate view of what to change, enhance or eradicate.


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You’ll also need to align your key stakeholders. Cultural change comes from the top down. Business leaders need to share a universal vision and see the commercial implications. Even people who are really trying to address the issue, like Google, are finding it hard.

How an MSP can help

An MSP is strategic and delivery focused, bringing evidence to what may feel like an anecdotal journey of cultural change.  An MSP will deliver the KPIs you need to win over the board before and during your journey towards inclusivity.

The question your candidates are asking is: will I fit in? So be sure to understand all brand touchpoints a candidate may encounter. This includes marketing, charitable work, friends and family experiences and the recruitment journey.

How an MSP can help

There will be many touchpoints you can’t directly or quickly influence (such as Glassdoor or what people say to their friends), but a recruitment microsite can help you craft a true representation of the opportunity you’re offering and the business behind the brand.

Including images, facts and figures, copy and videos that reflect your culture of diversity and inclusion tells candidates more about what to expect. An MSP can provide you with a microsite tailored to your business and recruitment needs.

An MSP is also highly structured and process driven. These integral processes will ensure everyone involved in the recruitment journey is fully briefed in terms of diversity. Candidates will be sure to see the full picture when engaging with consultants.

Learn more about how a MSP works: Why Choose a MSP


An interview is not always the best measure of fit, talent or skill, and limiting how a candidate is assessed reduces your D&I capabilities. A mix of assessments helps to reduce bias and ensure candidates are truly and fairly assessed.

How an MSP can help

An MSP supports the selection process on two levels.

Firstly, it reduces your involvement in the process, bringing in a trusted outside team to assess candidate suitability. This reduces unconscious bias and the risk of employing ‘mini-mes’.

Secondly, an MSP manages the recruitment process from end-to-end, alleviating the burden of additional selection requirements and making it easier for you to recruit a diverse workforce.

Onboarding and beyond

£132,000 is a cost no one wants to pay for a bad recruit. Matching expectation with reality is vital to retaining talent. What will a person experience once they’re a part of your organisation?

How an MSP can help

A central and neutral point of contact within your business, provided by your MSP, acts as a vital contact for new employees. This individual will be with them every step of the way, liaising with candidates before they start to keep them engaged and introducing them to the right people and networks once they’ve started.

They’ll discreetly flag any problems to your senior management team and spot concerns you might not be aware of, helping you address them.

A vital conduit within your organisation, they’ll reflect your brand and values while remaining neutral and objective.

An MSP provides powerful support for organisations intent on building diverse and inclusive workplaces. Selecting the right partner for your business is a key consideration. Our article, Choosing a Recruitment Managed Service Provider will help.

We run diversity and inclusion events across the UK – please click to view an example. If you would like further information please contact me.

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