Future Skills Programme Launched to Tackle Tech Talent Shortage

Future Skills Programme Launched to Tackle Tech Talent Shortage

March 28, 2018

Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions today launched the Future Skills Programme as a solution to the UK’s growing tech talent crisis.

Partnering with professional development experts Corndel, the programme will make use of the UK Government’s Apprenticeship Levy Scheme to train a new generation of brilliant software engineers.  By bringing high potential talent from outside the sector, and building their skills through a unique training and development programme, the programme promises to get brand new engineering talent working with businesses productively, and quickly.

Research from the UK Commission of Employment and Skills shows that 1.2 million new workers will be required to meet the growing demand in digital content and services skills by 2022. That’s half the current workforce, and far in excess of the education system’s ability to supply talent both in terms of quantity and quality.

Offered through both a Managed Service model, where Harvey Nash employs new hires directly, taking full accountability for all aspects of their employment, and a Client-Owned model, where the client employs new developers full-time, including during the initial training period, the service offers a viable source of new talent to UK businesses.

Rebecca Roycroft, Director of Recruitment Solutions at Harvey Nash, comments, “To date the options for businesses dealing with the tech talent shortage are extremely limited. Companies are left trying to attract talent by paying higher salaries, bringing in high-cost temporary contractors or outsourcing to 3rd party vendors, none of which offer any sort of long term solution to the problem. The Future Skills programme is a fast, cost-effective answer that benefits both employers and the workforce.”

Working with clients, the programme guarantees to have workers project ready Software Engineers in as little as 12 weeks. 

Chris Perry, Director of Partnerships at Corndel, states, ‘The programme will train candidates in the latest software development methodologies, giving them the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to thrive in the real-world of software development, while on-going training, specific to the companies they’re assigned to, will embed in the culture, making them valuable assets to their employers.’


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For more information or to avail of the Harvey Nash Future Skills Programme visit: https://www.hnrecruitmentsolutions.com/what-we-do/workforce-solutions-payroll/future-skills-programmes/.

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