East Mids Delivers Top Tech Talent for Metropolitan

April 11, 2018

“People want to work for an organisation that has purpose and a strong proposition.”

Paul Caris, former Interim CIO at housing association Metropolitan, wanted to create an IT function that had more impact at an improved cost-point by expanding its technology function in the East Midlands.

Partnering with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, Metropolitan embarked on a six-month mission to find the best people to deliver its vision. Here’s how they built the right tech team in the East Midlands region.

Metropolitan is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing and care and support services. The company has offices in London, the East Midlands and the East of England but is regionally dispersed in terms of delivery.

The business was prepared to invest in talent to improve the IT function and better serve its people. The expansion of its presence in the East Midlands and the creation of a technology hub was the chosen strategy.

Working with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, the team began to analyse the market potential in places where Metropolitan was already established: Derby and Nottingham.

The East Midlands, with its excellent universities and educational standards, and large brands already established in the area, demonstrated a talent pool of huge potential and existing draws to the region.

Building upon their current proposition, Metropolitan invested into its IT presence there, as it was likely to attract the right talent while maximising investment to deliver impact.

Taking action

Confident this was the right location, it was time to start recruiting. Metropolitan needed a full complement of IT skills, ranging from the most senior to most junior: architects, security experts, application analysts and project managers.

It set out an ambitious plan to recruit these key hires within a six-month window, from June to December 2017. To deliver that, Metropolitan’s recruitment partner, Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, recommended a Pop-Up MSP.

This turnkey solution hits the ground running. Known as a single engagement, multi-sourced model, Harvey Nash takes end-to-end responsibility for all recruitment needs.

“I was impressed with Harvey Nash’s capability to source highly sort after technical talent in the East Midlands.” says Caris.

Utilising the aspirational culture, strategy and value proposition Metropolitan has to offer, the global recruiter tailored a candidate attraction strategy to target the niche skills required in the market.  

Bringing together talent from multiple sources, and adopting innovative sourcing techniques, Harvey Nash expertly managed the process to identify the top talent and presented the best people from across the marketplace to Metropolitan.

“The roles we thought would be hard to land, we actually found fairly quickly,” Caris reflects. “We discovered there were superb skills to be found across the board in this region.”

Caris saved time and money, the complexity was reduced and the best talent was recruited thanks to the partnership with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions.

Realising the vision

Now, with the right talent in the right place, Metropolitan can focus on improving technology services to the customer and provide industry-leading customer journeys and seamless digitalised business processes.

Metropolitan owns and manages a large portfolio of nearly 38,000 homes, providing services to more than 71,000 customers across London, the East Midlands and the East of England.

The team is relishing the opportunity to define new, better processes based on their experiences and aspirations. There’s a customer-centric ethos that makes Metropolitan an exciting place to work.

Following the creation of the East Midlands IT Hub, Caris has this advice to offer: “Look at the proposition as a whole, not just the tech career opportunity you’re offering. There’s an assumption that tech people want to be based in the South East, but that’s not true. Lifestyle impacts decisions. It’s not just about money; location, the opportunity to be involved in the business, impacting the end customer and being part of something bigger drives many people.”

On the partnership with Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions, Caris comments, “They helped support our analysis of the marketplace, to understand the skill set and remuneration needed and were responsive to our needs. Harvey Nash is a trusted partner that underwrites the company’s success.”

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