Choosing a Recruitment Managed Service Provider

April 11, 2018

In our previous article we outlined seven core reasons to implement an RMS. Those driving forces may influence this next decision: how to choose your RMS partner. In our experience, the following areas should always be considered when forging a partnership.

Does their geographical heat map match yours?

Does your RMS partner have a physical presence in the areas you do? Or the areas that you want to expand into in the future?

Whether that’s on a regional, national or international scale, choosing a partner with the capability to serve the next three or four areas you’ll conquer is a wise move.

Do they cover your specialisms?

If you’re after the best in tech but your provider specialises in healthcare, can you be sure they’ll find you the people you need? Make sure the specialisms and capabilities of your chosen provider match your requirements. Check percentage fill rates on previous MSPs to gauge this.

Do you need to scale?

You might be testing the water with your first RMS and choose to start small. But what about scale? If your needs are big to begin with or you know you will inevitably grow, ensure your partner can scale with you and – and this is vital – has the evidence to prove they can deliver at volume.

It’s also important to partner with a solutions provider that is an appropriate size for your business. Too big, and your bespoke needs may be overlooked. Too small and they won’t have the ability to scale.

Have they done it before?

Anyone can talk about what’s possible but the skill of a well-delivered RMS is in the execution. Credibility is key.

Look for a partner with a track record in your industry and region and that can demonstrate positive results.

What does good look like?

Contractor recommendation rates are a valuable measure of success, but look beyond the number of positive and negative reviews an RMS provider has received. Ask the marketplace. Interrogate the responses.

Renewal rates are another good indication of a trusted provider. The marketplace is competitive; clients have plenty of providers to choose from. Look for a business that retains its clients for a second and third term. If clients are continuing to run MSPs, Pop-Up MSPs or RPOs through the same RMS provider, there’s a strong chance they deliver on all fronts.

Are they financially stable?

Another company’s financial standing should not threaten your own. Ensure you partner has a robust and long-term financial stability and that this has never jeopardised a recruitment campaign.

What do they know about legislation?

Remaining aware of changing legislation is one thing. Understanding how it affects your organisation is another. In these turbulent times, advice and updates on changing legislation is vital and your RMS provider should be well versed. Interrogate the resources they have available, the experts within or connected to their organisation and their readiness to support you regarding this.

What about technology? 

Do they have their own?  Is it the right product for what you need? Or is it better to be technology agnostic and fit the right technology to the service? Determine what is right for your organisation and which approach your service provider takes. Ask which technology solutions previous clients have selected and how they have supported this.

Have you met the team?

You’ll deal with senior members of the team while you discuss and negotiate the service. Be sure to meet the point of contact you’ll be working with every day (your Service Delivery Manager). Make sure you’re happy with that individual. They are the heartbeat of the service. It’s critical they are right for the role and your organisation.

What does their service roadmap look like?

“Where we start is not where we finish” is the right attitude here. Ideally, this partnership should take you to a new, better place; it’s an evolution in service delivery.

To deliver this, your RMS provider’s service should continually improve over the course of your relationship. There’s no room for complacency in such a competitive and fast-moving industry. It’s hard to judge this from any proposal so get under the skin through references.

Finally, you might like to a consider a business that has strong foundations in what is fundamentally being discussed here: the ability to recruit good people. If your RMS provider has its roots in excellent recruitment services, is known as a business that can fill roles and find the right people, you’re off to a good start.

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