5 Recruitment Solutions Procurement Directors Need to Know About in 2019

January 3, 2019

Nearly 30% of companies recognise technical innovations are accelerating more quickly than their businesses are equipped to handle.

That’s according to the procurement platform Maestro, which surveyed over 500 CFOs and financial decision makers from across the UK and Europe.

Shadow IT

When business leaders want tomorrow’s innovations today, impatience sparks shadow IT. And despite IT upgrades and digital processes being the top operational priority for 81.6% of Maestro’s respondents, solutions are still sneaking in behind the scenes ‐ not least when it comes to sourcing the right technical staff for the challenge.

What do you do to encourage procurement to go through the correct channels? There’s a misconception governance and control means anything purchased through your department slows things down. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

These five recruitment solutions deliver control, governance, data and due diligence in speedy, succinct functions without the need for lengthy procurement processes.

Solution 1: The Pop‐Up MSP

This project-based solution is ideal to deliver spikes in recruitment or even as a ‘try-before-you-buy’ option before looking at a full MSP solution.

Known as a single engagement, multi‐sourced model, not only does it bring together talent from multiple sources, identifies the most appropriate people for your roles and presents you with the best people from across the marketplace, it also manages all your contractors and suppliers taking end‐to‐end responsibility for your contingent workforce.

With defined objectives and start and end dates, it helps you quickly ramp up recruitment activity in reaction to change requirements, projects or contracts.

You save time and money, complexity is reduced and you’ll still access the very best people. You also enjoy the benefits of:

  • a single contract
  • a single commercial model
  • uniform governance structures
  • consolidated invoicing

Solution 2: Contingent RPO

An alternative to managing your own agency PSL, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) seamlessly integrates with your business to deliver the talent your business requires.

It provides you with a dedicated onsite team who will manage your talent attraction, acquisition and retention strategies for either or both your permanent and contingent workforce.

The benefits include:

  • A dedicated onsite specialist team
  • Innovative market engagement strategies (video advertising, microsites)
  • A flexible and scalable commercial paradigm

Solution 3: Contractor Alumni

This solution proactively manages a bench of previously engaged resources in a cloud‐based system that you can always access. As candidate are already known to your organisation, you stop paying expensive agency sourcing fees and only pay payroll fees.

This solution ensures:

  • Resources are up to speed quickly
  • You don’t have to pay agency fees

Solution 4: Statement of Work and Squads

A Statement of Work (SoW) is an alternative to time and materials. It provides you with a single contract to cover defined timescales, service deliverables, project‐specific activities, resource capability profile, MI and invoicing schedules. Resources can be engaged on a per outcome basis or as a squad of resources to deliver a service.

These solutions help you:

  • Source talent without increasing your headcount
  • Leverage an alternative model to the traditional T&M engagement model
  • Secure agreements billed on a fixed price deliverable or for hitting specific milestones
  • Ensure compliance and control: Improved compliance mitigates risk and provides greater control over the workforce while an improved approvals process helps increase project success

Solution 5: Talent Partner Model

The Talent Partner Model provides your business with a resourcing partner who acts as an extension of your internal team. This is a very flexible model where the specialist resourcing partner will come onsite when required to deliver your roles. As well delivery, they help build your processes and your candidate attraction strategy.

A hybrid model, it runs on a fixed fee and success basis, saving you money on PSL agency fees. The benefits include:

  • A flexible model you can turn on and off
  • Saves money on PSL agency fee

If you’re one of the 81.6% who consider digital and IT upgrades an operational priority, you’ll want to resource your teams sooner rather than later. These dynamic solutions guarantee governance and minimise procurement processes. Get in touch today to learn more. 

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