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Traveling To Germany

How To Blend Easier

If one of your dream European destinations is Germany, we have to get along with the idea as well. There are so many great things you can see there, including historical, artistic, and picturesque places, and we are sure you are going to love it. However, there are a few things you should know about Germany if you’re visiting as a tourist.

The first from Wiked Good Travel Tips we would share about Germany is to respect the rules. This refers to respecting traffic signs, buying tickets for trains or buses, and validating them, and being environmentally conscious. They recycle a lot, which is why you want to get in on that and recycle the plastic and glass bottles while you are there. Don’t be surprised if in a lot of places you see people using cash, so if you want to be prepared for that, know that the currency is the euro.

Wiked Good Travel Tips

It should be fairly easy to get around every city because Germany has a very developed train system so you can visit many places and travel easily. If you are visiting a smaller place, make sure to know a few basic words and phrases in German since there is a chance that they won’t speak English. Another one of the Wiked Good Travel Tips for Germany is the paying and tipping culture. A 10% tip is usually fine so you should have at least some cash in your wallet even though you can pay with credit cards in most restaurants or cafes.

We are sure you will get all the info about the beautiful places that you can visit in Germany and there certainly are a lot of them. However, we have offered advice on how to blend more and find your way around Germany easier.

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